In this blog I hope to be able to report on the trips I am making around the world and especially the birding sessions I take part in along the way. For the near future these will be Saudi Arabia and Lancashire based as that's where I am living but in time will include other places.

I hope to be able to add additional pages which will have results of little pieces of research I have carried out, either literature based or whatever.  I am also hoping to add a video and songs section featuring footage I manage to capture, 

All this for the future, I hope, and will definitely depend on developing my ability to use these blog sites which at the moment are doing all sorts of strange things that I don't understand. 

© Bernard Bracken

I don't expect there will be much here which people would want to copy but I would appreciate it if you contact me first before using anything I have loaded.  Its very unlikely I would refuse so long as you acknowledge the source but its just manners to ask.

Anyway more anon!

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