Friday, 24 October 2014

A brief visit to marshes near Lower Halstow

Lower Halstow is a small village on the North Kent coast near the mouth of the Medway river. The marshes are deep mud and shingle and many of the islands in the Medway estuary are protected as areas of scientific significance.  I only had a short time there on this visit but thought I would get a look at what was about. Most of the pictures are long distance shots as the mud is deep and the consistency of quicksand in places.

Three Wigeon feeding in the river.  The water at this point would be fresh as the tide was fully out.

A little further along the same stretch of river

Another bunch of Wigeon a couple of males but mainly female. In the foreground is a solo Oyster catcher ad a couple of Sandpipers but I can't see what type.

Wigeon (20) again but this time joined by a flock of Avocet (38 I get), who would be a water bug in there?  Also at the far side of the river is a Shelduck.  I am beginning to think the two waders are Green Sandpipers, again not certain though.
These were a delight for me I must say as I had never seen them here (or anywhere!!) before.  A small flock of about 18 Brent Geese feeding on the weed.  Early winter visitors.

A solo Redshank asleep on the mud.


 A small group of Starling feeding on the weed in the bay

A solo Lapwing resting on the mud.  There were a number of these around the bay but they proved very difficult to get a good photo of.  This one was a little more obliging.
Happy days, 90 minutes of birding and a new species.  Happy bunny!!

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