Sunday, 12 April 2015

Malta Hunting Vote

NEWS 12/4/15:
Malta has narrowly rejected proposals to ban controversial spring hunting, during which migrating birds are shot before they can breed.
Those in favour of hunting won just over half the votes cast in the keenly-contested vote.
Campaigners for the ban have conceded defeat.
There were jubilant scenes in the counting hall as the pro-hunt activists celebrated victory with an estimated 51% of the vote.

There was a real possibility to stop this unnecessary carnage carried out in the name of tradition.  In China there was a tradition of binding girls feet until they became horribly disfigured, it was carried out in the name of tradition but eventually it was seen as just cruel and banned.  Not all traditions are worth preserving and the Malta hunts are high among these.  So it seems the people have spoken and it goes on. 

Well not all of the people have actually spoken in my humble opinion.  Its now my turn, I have no vote there but I do have a choice about where I spend my vacations and Malta will join Cyprus on the black list.  I am only 1 but if others do the same we become legion.

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