Saturday, 9 April 2016

First visit to Hofuf

At the end of February Akram and I headed over to Hofuf in the Eastern Region to explore some of the lakes that can be seen in the area (on google maps).
Not far from the lakes are these picture postcard hills and a little further away are even more like this.

The lakes themselves proved to be a little disappointing as the entire area I was able to get to in the time available was totally choked with reeds.

That said it was not without interest.  At this time of year the Clamorous Reed Warblers come out of the reeds and call out their territorial claims in advance of breeding.
I watched these guys for an hour or so, they really are so involved in their calling that they really pay little or no attention to me being close by.  I attach a few photos below for your entertainment :)

This last guy popped down for a drink but never let up his calling from the waterside.

All over the place were some regular locals the Graceful Prinia, a good number of Laughing Dove and;
The White Eared Bulbul.

There was also a small flock of House Sparrows

Perched in a bush on the walk in to the lake was this Great Grey Shrike.
Also Spotted on the way in was a number of Desert Wheatear, a bird I have not seen for some time.

There were also a couple of Stonechat.

All Along the river feeding the lake was this Caspian Turtle.  In all I saw about 20 of these although most were a little more shy than this one.  Thanks to Jem Babbington for the ID help.

and the little lizard which stopped for a photo before scurrying off.

An interesting trip.  I am not sure if there is another access route that lets you near to the lake itself, I will try another approaches in due course.







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