Saturday, 16 July 2016

A visit to the zoo - Martin Mere

I had the chance to spend some time birding during a hectic return trip to Ireland and the UK and finally managed to get over to the wildlife centre at Martin Mere in Lancashire.  The site is very well laid out with a track running the length of the Mere with hides all along to allow you to spot wild visitors to the area.  The other side is a kind of bird park with wildfowl from all over the world to look at.  I spent a long time in the hides and will report separately on sightings there.  However I thought you might like to see some holiday snaps from the zoo side. :)

Cape Teal

Greater Flamingo

Ferruginous Duck

Marbled Teal

A local pinching a free meal

Red Breasted Goose


Red-Breasted Goose


Red-Crested Polchard

Argentine Ruddy Duck

Bar Headed Goose

Ruddy Shelduck

Black Swan

This is the best view I got of this Crane, it hid from me !!

Cape Barren Goose

Avocet another bird seen both in the display and outside

White Faced Whistling Duck

African Comb Duck

Andean Goose

Southern Screamer

Lesser White-fronted Goose with little ones



Shelduck and family
Eurasian Crane

Bewick's Swan




Tufted Duck
Views on the wild side of the mere will follow soon.

© Bernard Bracken

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